What was Taiwan like four hundred years ago? This is the question that experts and scholars on Taiwan studies are anxious to explore. In recent years, fueled by the Taiwan localization awareness, recognizing Taiwan becomes a national sport. Knowing the Taiwan dating back four hundred years ago has become some people's lifetime career. In one afternoon of June, 2001, thanks to a phone invitation of Ms. Xie Sujuan(謝素娟), who worked for United Evening News, Dr. Yang Lianfu(楊蓮福) convened a group of people obsessed with the culture of antique maps of Taiwan to have a historical meeting in the café of Taipei 228 Memorial Museum(台北二二八紀念館). The meeting members included Yang Lianfu(楊蓮福), Wei Dewen(魏德文), Cai Qingshan(蔡清杉), Gao Xianzhi(高賢治), Lin Wanchuan(林萬傳), Gao Chuanqi(高傳棋), and Huang Wuda(黃武達). After discussions, they agreed to follow the model of Japan's antique maps club and established Taiwan's first "Taiwan antique maps club." , which is the predecessor of our association.


    In the beginning of the establishment of Taiwan antique maps club, Yang Lianfu(楊蓮福) drafted out an organization outline and membership qualification as follows: 


(1) Have an interest in collecting antique maps of Taiwan or related existing regional maps.
(2) Have published books, periodicals, research papers or reports on Taiwan maps.
(3) Hold an office in teaching or research on native geography in schools or organizations.
(4) Be a local or regional cultural and historical heritage researcher or antique collectors.
(5) Be a researcher in technological integration or digital maps.
(6) Care about the land of Taiwan or have interest in observing it.


    Initially, our organization conducted member gatherings according to the following rules:


(1) Adopt the model of member gatherings, for which the members didn't have to pay any dues but went Dutch in each gathering.
(2) Hold regular meetings once every two months (at 6:30-9:30 on Friday evening of the second week bimonthly) to carry on information exchange of Taiwan maps studies or special reports or discussion by the members.
(3) The convener contacts members for every meeting and decides on the next meeting theme and speaker;
(4) Host a professional exhibition of Taiwan antique maps or co-host it with relevant units once every year and organize an executive team to plan exhibitions, publications and promotional work.
(5) Carry on international information exchange of antique maps clubs, organize groups to visit and appreciate antique map collections at home and abroad, and set up information websites to contact relevant organizations around the world.
(6) Carry on maps exchange among members.


    After executing this plan, from the first lecture and gathering in June 2001, the lecture every two months became the highlight of the club. We successively invited members and experts to conduct seminars, namely, Gao Chuanqi(高傳棋), Wei Dewen(魏德文), Li Gaoxiong(李高雄), Lin Wanchuan(林萬傳), Cai Qingshan(蔡清杉), Huang Wuda(黃武達), Wang Tongmao(王同茂), Lin HuiJuan(林惠娟), Zhong Meishu(鍾美淑), Zeng Zhengxiong(曾正雄), Chen YuanJian(陳遠建), Weng Jiayin(翁佳音), Jian YiXiong(簡義雄), Li Qianlang (李乾朗), Wang Zhiwen(王志文), Lin Tianren(林天人), Xu Zheming(許哲明), Lin Yufang(林譽方), Wen ZhuDa(聞祝達), Ye Zhenhui(葉振輝), Xhuo Kunqing(卓坤慶), Lai jingui(賴進貴), Lu Lizheng(呂理政), Chen Shunsheng(陳順勝). The lecture venues included Outdoor Life Books(戶外生活出版社), Taipei 228 Memorial Museum(台北二二八紀念館), National Taipei Teachers College(國立台北師範學院) and other places. We also went around to visit exhibitions or proceeded exchanges with units such as the National Palace Museum(國立故宮博物院), Taiwan Historica(國史館台灣文獻館), Taipei 228 Memorial Museum(台北二二八紀念館), and National Taiwan Museum(國立台灣博物館). We also planned two exhibitions with the National Museum of History(國立歷史博物館), which were "The Beautiful Island ─ An Exhibition of Old Taiwanese Maps and Life" and "Oceanic Taiwan ─ A Dialogue between the People and the Island". On September 3, 2005, Tokyo, Japan Association of antique maps visited here and we exchanged experiences with each other. Within just a few years, we had abundant achievements, which were the crystallization of all members' joint forces and dedication to the land of Taiwan.


    Taiwan antique maps club held a meeting once every two months to share ideas and to conduct discussions. After four years, our participants had grown up to over one hundred people. To strengthen and legalize our club affairs, we decided to set up "Association for Taiwan Antique Maps and Cultural Relics" and filed filing. On October 29, 2004, Ministry of the Interior(內政部) sent a letter of No. 0930024225 agreed on us to launch an association by law. On December 10, 2004, we held a charter members meeting on the 9th floor of No.21, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Taipei City(Outdoor Life Books Conference room) and elected Yang Lianfu(楊蓮福), Lin HuiJuan(林惠娟), Zhang Chunlan(張春蘭), Chen YuanJian(陳遠建), Cai Qingshan(蔡清杉), Jian YiXiong(簡義雄), Wei Dewen(魏德文), Guo Wuxiong(郭武雄), Lin Yufang (林于昉) as the nine person preparatory Committee with Yang Lianfu(楊蓮福) to be the chairman. On December 10, 2004, we held the first preparatory meeting to review our club constitution and preparatory staff on the 9th floor of No.21, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Taipei City(Outdoor Life Books Conference room). We publicly advertised on newspapers to look for members and also discussed the expenditure of the preparatory period. On December 30, 2004, the second preparatory meeting was held to review the member qualifications of 60 individual members. We decided to convene the inaugural meeting on the 1st West false patriotism Taipei (Taipei Municipal Teachers College Auditorium) on April 9, 2005, in which we would print out meeting manuals, propose annual work plans and the budget for revenues and expenditure. We would also decide on the ballot format, job division after the inaugural meeting was established, the establishment of the general affairs group and the procedure group, etc. After this, the preparatory work for the inaugural meeting was roughly completed.

Since its establishment on April 9, 2005, our association's affairs have been thriving thanks to the enthusiastic participation and promotion of all members and successive directors and supervisors. We actively promote the public awareness of antique maps and push the domestic research culture of antique maps. At the same time, our association regularly releases exclusive journals and provides an area for members to publish research thoughts of antique maps and exchange ideas. In the journals, we clearly record the details and achievements of past conferences and establish a mechanism of resource sharing by listing up relevant messages of domestic and international idea exchange of antique maps. The papers published by experts and scholars in our journals will further strengthen the research depth of studies on Taiwan antique maps.

In the future, these collectors, professors, scholars, experts, publishers, and local cultural workers in our association who are passionate about antique maps of Taiwan will continuously study and pass on the antique maps and historical heritage of Taiwan. 



    Enrich Taiwanese cultural connotation and enhance people's knowledge of Taiwanese history and culture by studying Taiwanese antique maps, historical literature, data, and related cultural relics.



    Our association actualizes our mission by taking on the following six tasks.
1. To collect Taiwanese antique maps and carry out further researching, publishing, and producing.
2. To sort our Taiwanese historical documentation and related relics, to hold lectures, exhibitions, and related promotion activities.
3. To expand the research of Taiwanese antique maps and the exchange of Taiwanese historical documentation, and to take on international exchange activities.
4. To participate in the research and work of Taiwanese antique maps and historical documentation, exchange ideas, and enrich the theoretical base.
5. To publish research results and reports regularly or irregularly in print media.
6. To edit Taiwanese cultural teaching materials and provide documentation in accordance with the demands of different levels of schools.



The publications of our association are:
"The Beautiful Island ─ An Exhibition of Old Taiwanese Maps and Life"
"Oceanic Taiwan ─ A Dialogue between the People and the Island"
"Formosa Maps 1"
"Formosa Maps 2"
"Formosa Maps 3"
"Formosa Maps 4"
"Through time and space to see Taipei: Taipei city built 120 years - old map"


Honorary founding chairman: Yang, Lian-Fu (1st, 2nd)
Former chairman: Wei, De-Wen (3rd)
Chairman: Zhang, Zhi-Yuan (4th, current)
Secretary-General: Jian, Ting-Ting (4th, current)
Executive director: Guo, Wu-Xiong; Tsai, Qing-Shan (4th, current)
Director: Lin, Yu-Fang; Jian, Yi-Xiong; Wang, Dao-Fang; Wen, Zhu-Da; Lin, Hui-Juan; Gao, Chuan-Qi (4th, current)
Executive Supervisor: Chen, Yuan-Jian (4th, current)
Supervisor: Zhang, Chun-Lan; Jiang, Ming-Fu (4th, current)